Around Britain, by Paddleboard

A Blackpool man is currently attempting to circumnavigate the British Isles by paddle board. Perhaps unsurprisingly, no one has managed to stand on a paddle board and go all the way around Britain, through 2,000 miles of unpredictable weather and stormy seas.

The intrepid paddler, Jordan Wylie, is no stranger to bizarre feats, having previously ran a marathon in the deepest polyhalite mine in the world, 1,000 metres below the surface at ICL Boulby in North Yorkshire. He was also a star of the Channel 4 Series Hunted and served for ten years in the British Army. He saw operational service in Northern Ireland and Iraq where he specialised in military intelligence, close reconnaissance and armoured warfare operations.

Jordan is attempting to complete a circuit of Britain in under 365 days, a target set for him by Guinness World Records. He set off from Kent on 26 July and he is currently off the West Coast of Scotland. That means he is roughly halfway towards completing his marathon journey.

What has been dubbed, The Great British Paddle, is being attempted to fund a school for refugee children on the Horn of Africa that have been displaced by conflicts in Yemen and Somalia. He hopes The Great British Paddle can contribute towards the £100,000+ he has already raised in the last 12 months to finish the school build which is now well underway. The school being built in conjunction with the charity Frontline Children.

You can follow the journey live, but we will post an update when Jordan nears Filey.


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