Filey Could be a TV ‘Not Spot’

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Today should have been the day television signals returned to Filey in the wake of the fire at the Bilsdale transmitter mast. But ‘bad weather’ has delayed the switching on of a temporary mast until sometime between 13th and 19th of October.

The bad news doesn’t end there, as it has been revealed that there will be no reception for some areas of the coast even after those dates. In the continuing farce that has been the Bilsdale affair, engineers will not know which areas will not receive a TV signal until the temporary mast is switched on. Relay towers will have to be constructed once those areas are known, but obviously no date has been set for their construction. Will we have TV in time for Christmas? At this rate, who knows.

Apparently, affected households could also be offered other options, such as internet TV services or FreeSat. Paul Donovan from mast operator Arqiva : “We’re working hard on alternative plans to help those who don’t benefit from [the new mast], including on the coast and in the Dales of North Yorkshire and County Durham, and some other areas. We’re absolutely committed to restoring services as quickly as we can, and to prioritising those in our communities who need help the most.”

Partial refunds for TV licences are now available, but viewers have to apply for the rebate. Cynics might say that this is designed to cut down on the amount paid out, as many simply won’t bother. However, here is the link to the website where you can apply for a rebate. Fill your boots Filey folk! I think it is fair to say that we are thoroughly fed up with this carryon.

The troubled Bilsdale mast


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