New “quad-decker” Coastliner to be trialed in Filey, Scarborough and Whitby

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Coastliner buses from Leeds to Whitby, Filey, Scarborough and Bridlington are going to be capable of transferring twice as many passengers soon, with the introduction of the “quad-decker” Coastliner set to trial from March 2016.

The bus operator expressed it had seen a gap in the market for four-tier buses and expect them to encourage others to take buses rather than walk, cycle or drive anywhere themselves.

Quad-decker buses already operate in other parts of the UK, such as London, Norfolk and Slough and have proven to be very successful in promoting public transport.

Unfortunately, quad-decker buses are incredibly expensive to maintain and were nearly scrapped do to their monumentally bad safety record in London, which means fares are expected to rise five-fold to cover maintenance and accident claims.

Next time you take a Coastliner, it could be a quad-decker!


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  2. Randomizer22 /

    Totally fake. The bus livery is screwed up across all 4 levels. One example is the route display, between the first and second floors, it shows the full route dispLay but between the second, third and fourth floors, Only the top part of thE route display is shown. Bus liveries are not like that. Also, the windows on the second and third floor are prEtty screwed up. The back is the fUll window size but the front is just half of the windoW size. The windows on the front of the bus across The second, third And fourth floors are literally the same.

  3. Mark Ash /

    Very funny. But it is clearly photoshopped.

  4. kim /

    Obviously fake, very bad photo shopped pic! Can see the windscreens are not aligned properley and the same reflection is cast on all the upper side windows! Was this aN april fools?

  5. Evelyn /

    April Fool’s?

  6. SDcard /

    it’s photoshopped if you look at the windows you will see the same house with a chimney on the 2nd,3rd and 4rth decker’s window. lol the photoshopper should have just erased the chimney

  7. Fahien /


  8. Josh /

    you can tell this is fake you can tell its been photoshopped because the same guy is on every deck how stupid are you

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