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“Dawn of the Deli!”

Far from being the title of a new horror film; Filey’s only deli on Belle Vue Street (No. 29) is a veritable treasure of vittles to delight and tickle your tastebuds!

Dawn and her team are; well up at dawn; baking fresh bread, cakes, pizzas etc. etc. etc. Without this establishment Filey would be barren land for anyone wanting an olive or a piece of brie de meaux.

Don’t make the mistake though of thinking this place caters only for the “sun-dried tomato brigade”; if you simply want a huge slice of tasty wholesome pizza to fill the children up with and only have a £2 coin gracing your pocket then head straight here.

Moving on to pudding time and you may well go a “little unnecessary”; the cakes should be against the law and the angel cake must actually (in real life!) have been made by an angel.



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