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The pubs are open, well some of them, so we thought we would bring you a substantial meal deal guide to Filey. Where can you eat? What can you eat? Will you get chased out as soon as you eat the last crumb? Will the police shine a bright light in your eyes and ask for your papers? All these questions and more answered as we bravely took to the rain soaked streets on a mission to find Filey’s finest substantial meal deal.

What is open and what is available is a bit of a movable feast. Foords, Cobblers and Bonhommes remain firmly closed and we understand that the snooker club is open for games, but with soft drinks only.

The Three Tuns are offering a £1 substantial meal deal. We couldn’t resist this. Friday night we arrived to find Scarborough Council and the police also checking out the pub’s meal deal! Needless to say, they passed the official probe with flying colours. The pub is, of course, serving at tables only, we had our phone number and postcode taken and settled down with a pint, eagerly awaiting the bargain meal deal. There’s a choice of chicken and chips or burger and chips, both served in a basket. In a wonderful gesture the pub is donating all the meal deal takings to The Rainbow Centre in Scarborough. Clearly for only a £1 the portions aren’t enormous, but it was tasty and left room for another substantial meal in the process. We like the cut of their jib. The Tuns are both adhering to tier two rules and are helping a good cause to boot.

The Three Tuns burger and chips substantial meal, just £1!

Our next meal deal was at the White Lodge. They have a £5 meal of pie, mash and peas (or pie, chips and peas) available. There is also a vegetarian option, a homity pie. You can walk up, but booking is once again the preferred option. The meals are being served in the bar and lounge. The hotel can be contacted on 01723 514771. Our food was delicious, which you would expect given that the pies are being made by the hotel’s renowned chefs. Big portions and there is also a dessert offering in the form of ice cream. Service was relaxed and leisurely, we did not feel rushed. A perfect tonic for these strange times.

The White Lodge’s substantial meal and it certainly is! Thanks to Tracey Roberts for the photo.

Captain Wills have a full menu on and their pizzas are tremendous. Cooked in their own pizza oven they give the town’s Italian restaurants a run for their money. Best to book, give them a call on 07802 466606.

The Top House (The Station) has only its restaurant open between 12pm-8pm, you have a two hour window to eat and bring your own booze as the bar is shut. Again booking is the best way, they can be contacted on 07849 135158.

The Star is opening on 10 December, Thursday & Friday 4-9pm, Saturday 1-9pm & Sunday 12-5pm. They are strictly only serving people from tier 1 and 2 areas and will ask for contact details, again booking is preferable, their phone number is 01723 512031.

The Belle Vue has reopened, but with restricted hours between 1pm-6pm. Their Facebook page gives guidance: ‘You can drink alcohol while you are waiting for your meal which typically will be at least 20 minutes waiting time as everything is cooked to order. You may order further drinks until your meal is completed, at which time you have 30 minutes to drink up any alcoholic drinks. Soft and hot drinks can be consumed at any time without a meal.’

The Buccaneer is open from 4pm till 11pm, with table service for coffee, tea, soft drinks and alcohol with any substantial meal. That meal is likely to be large pork pie and mushy peas. They have also restarted their hugely popular Sunday lunches. To book a table ring 01723 512024.

The Imperial on Hope Street has reopened. In a spirit of local co-operation, one seated you have to order a takeaway from either San Marco or Filey Curry House.

We will update when more substantial meal details become available. Things are, unfortunately, subject to a lot of change at the moment. But at least we have some pubs open on the run up to Christmas!


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