Whale Spotted in Filey Bay

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Dolphins, porpoises and seals are regular visitors to Filey Bay, but, according to a report in the Scarborough News, last week a Northern Minke Whale was spotted in the bay by two local fishermen. Jimmy Bright and Foster Cammish were fishing for salmon just one hundred yards off the shore opposite Filey Sailing Club, when the whale appeared. Minke whales, which can grow up to thirty feet in length, are apparently inquisitive animals and are often attracted to boats.

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust say that twenty-nine species of whales and dolphins can be seen in British waters. There has been an increase in sightings in recent years, it is thought that the near ending of commercial whaling and recovery of fish stocks are the underlying factors behind the appearance of these beautiful animals in our waters.

Part of the sea off Flamborough Head is scheduled a Marine Conservation Zone and is home to the North Sea’s only ‘No Take Zone’. Waters from the northern and southern North Sea converge at Flamborough and there is a marked sea temperature difference along this ‘front’. According to Natural England, this leads to increased plankton growth, which means that the reef habitats are considered to be the most diverse in Britain.

The existence of the stunning seabird colony at Bempton Cliffs is clearly no coincidence. The RSPB reserve oversees the cliffs which are home to half a million birds during the peak season between April and October.

We are fortunate indeed to have such an abundance of wildlife within Filey Bay. Looking toward the future, one can only but wonder whether wildlife tourism will grow in Filey’s wonderful bay.

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  1. Tracy George /

    We saw loads of birds that looked like they were sat on an enormous sea whale and found a dead porpoise on filey beach where we were staying in The bay

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